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WINGACE Fill 1000G Goose down sleeping bag adult mummy ultralight hike winter tourist outdoor Equipment camping sleep bags


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Dear buyer friend, this product has two dimensions.
First, 210 * 80cm. For height less than 180cm.
Second, 220 * 85cm. Suitable height 180-190cm
When you buy a note to select the size. Happy shopping!

Product Details:
Fabric: 400T nylon fabric
Filling: 90% goose down
Fluffy Force: 680+
Suitable Height: 160cm-190cm
Down filling    —  Total weight   —   Temperature
400G                   900G           25 C ~ 15 C ~ 5 C
600G                   1100G           20 C ~ 10 C ~ 0 C
800G                   1300G           15 C ~ 5 C ~ -5 C
1000G                 1500G           10 C ~ 0  C~ -10 C
1200G                 1700G           5 C ~ -5 C ~ -15 C
1500G                 2000G           0 C~ -10 C ~ -20 C
1800G                 2300G          -5 C ~ -15 C ~ -25 C
2000G                 2500G         -10 C ~ -20C  ~ -30 C
2500G                 3000G         -15 C ~ -25 C ~ -35 C
3000G                3500G          -20 C ~ -30C  ~ -40 C
3500G                4000G          -25 C ~ -35 C ~ -45 C
4000G                4500G          -30 C ~ -40 C ~ -50 C

Special Note:
First, because different people in different physical condition, so that the use of the sleeping bag suitable temperature will be different. So when you buy a sleeping bag, please choose according to the weight of the filling down. The more weight the more warmth.
Second, the filling down all using the machine automatically populated. Typically, the error will be within the 100G.
Third, if you need larger size, please send me a message.
If you need other styles, please send me a message.
If you need you need wholesale, we will give you a discount price, please give me a message.
Fourth, if you need to use two sleeping bags stitched together. When you make an order, please give me a message.
For example:
One of the blue, when I was lying there when the zipper on the left.
Another blue, when I was lying there when the zipper on the right.

We will work hard! To all buyers can be satisfied! Happy shopping!











Why WINGACE Sleeping Bag becomes a popular brand among consumers?

I. 400T 20D Materials: ultra-light, water-proof, soft and comfortable.

II. 90% white duck down filling: clean, thermal, fluffy and non-smelly.

III. Fashion and unique design: two sleeping bags can be spliced together to become a double sleeping bag for couples.

IV. Perfect production: regular factory, strict management and fine workmanship.

V. Oxford cloth package: easy to carry and little space occupation. Best choice for outdoor camping and travel.

WINGACE Sleeping Bag will provide you with a more comfortable journey and high-quality life!





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